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When To Replace Windows And Doors

Maybe you’ve started to notice a breeze coming from your windows—when they’re not open. Or the neighbor kids’ baseball game yesterday ended with a ball denting your garage door. How do you know when these and other common issues with your home’s doors and windows mean it’s time for a replacement, and when simple repairs Read the rest of this entry

Double Storm Doors Info

French doors add elegance, function and value to any home. When placed in the front of the house, they make for a glamorous, statement-making entrance. If you spend a lot of your time entertaining and enjoying the backyard, French doors can help with traffic flow and provide shamelessness between inside and out. And when it Read the rest of this entry

Steel Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors

Should You Buy Steel or Fiberglass Doors? Are you looking to buy a new front door? Maybe your current door lets out a lot of heat out and you want to lower your heat bill. Or maybe your current door is getting old, and you want to increase your home’s property value. Read our guide Read the rest of this entry