Double Storm Doors Info

French doors add elegance, function and value to any home. When placed in the front of the house, they make for a glamorous, statement-making entrance. If you spend a lot of your time entertaining and enjoying the backyard, French doors can help with traffic flow and provide shamelessness between inside and out. And when it comes to moving furniture or other sizable items in and out of the house, you can’t beat the convenience of double doors.

Larson Birds of Paradise Storm Door Pella Double Storm Door

You’ve invested thoughtful design and money into your French doors, so why not protect them like any other door in your home? Double storm doors provide protection against weathering, act as a barrier against bugs and some pollen, and increase the overall ventilation of your home.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when shopping for double storm doors is the fact that not every brand or manufacture will have your exact want/need available. Single storm doors come in countless colors and styles, but you may have to go with a custom option for your double storm door needs. Custom doors obviously cost more, but depending on what you’re looking for, it may be your only option. Other manufactures make simple conversation kits that can turn any of their single storm doors into a double.

Some homeowners are looking to install double storm doors purely for decoration. A great example of this can be found on many cabin-style homes. You’ll see authentic, thick, worn wood French doors behind rustic, wrought iron double storm doors to complete the looks. Below are a few manufactures that have great double storm door options. Each offers unique specialties, depending on what you’re looking for.


Larson makes storm door conversation kits for more than 80 of its standard storm doors. This includes standard glass, screen, steel patterned doors and more. Larson has been in the storm door business for over 50 years. They pride themselves on being durable and energy efficient. If want variety but don’t want to go custom, Larson is a great option.


Every one of ProVia’s glass storm doors is built with tempered safety glass and a finish that can withstand the harshest of elements. They’ve also offer a great warrantee program. If your double storm door is serving an aesthetic purpose, try ProVia’s Decorator line, which boasts artistic glass designs.


Pella has been making quality doors and windows since 1925. Again, if energy efficiency is important to you, Pella is a great choice. They were won the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the year award in 2013.


What kind of door you choose may determine how you want to install it, and vice versa. Some homeowners are confident in their handyman skills and prefer to tackle the job themselves. You’ll likely need a storm door conversation kit, which comes with instructions and hardware, sometimes a drip cap. You’ll need to measure and fit your doors perfectly to prevent future water leeks, air issues, etc. You’re essentially installing two storm doors inside a double frame. Note that installing French doors (double storm doors or otherwise) is more involved than simply hanging two of the same door facing opposite directions. It will probably take more than twice the time of hanging a single door. Hence, other homeowners prefer to leave installation to the professionals all together.

Talking to a specialist in the window and door and/or home improvement industry is never a bad idea. They’ll be able to point you toward the best option and give advice on installation so you can be confident in your home’s new double storm doors.