Waudena Front Doors

Waudena Front Doors

Make your home inviting and elegant with a statement exterior door. Window and Door Superstore offers Waudena Millwork front doors that will make a great first impression and add curb appeal to your home. A recognized leader in the industry, Waudena Millwork’s products are recognized throughout the Midwest as well made and decorative. Whether you want to make a decorative statement with glass details or a more industrial standpoint with stainable steel doors, the options are endless.

Take a look at some of the options we offer, and visit our showroom for more inspiration.


Steel Doors

We carry Smooth Steel Exterior Doors and Stainable Steel Exterior Doors from Waudena Millwork. Steel doors are safe, durable and economically sustainable which makes them a top choice for exterior entry doors. Stronger than wood doors, steel exterior doors won’t crack or warp. Steel doors are given weather-proof coating to ensure that they maintain their appearance for long periods of time. For a classic and sustainable exterior door, steel doors are our choice.

Timberline Doors

Waudena Millwork’s Timberline Entry Doors won’t rot or split over time, making them an excellent choice for an exterior door. The deep-profile fiberglass skins create stronger dimensions and crisp shadow lines. To give your Timberline door a more personalized touch, add a custom color or glass details.