Vanguard Patio Doors By Sunrise

Quickly add value to your home with Vanguard Sliding doors by Sunrise Windows & Doors. Vanguard sliding patio doors perfectly complement any space by bringing elegance, functionality, reliability and security to your home so that you will not be disappointed. Your patio deserves something great.

Vanguard patio doors have a sculpted sash frame, which is sure to turn heads and bring a smile to any homeowners face. Sunrise Patio doors boast a modern design and an established build which offers a great solution to any home upgrade. Our Vanguard Patio doors allow you to transform your living space with an simple and noticeable improvement.

Looking to stay warm during cold winter months or to keep the heat out during the blistering summer? Luckily, Sunrise Patio doors come equipped with UltraCode insulation and quad deal weatherstripping. These features equate to high performance year round, no matter the weather condition.


Sunrise Patio doors ensure safety by equipping each door with a three point locking system and 1-inch thick tempered glass. These features are strong, safe, and secure. There’s hardly any competition when it comes to securing your home and that’s a risk not worth taking.

Vanguard sliding patio doors are unbeatable, as they are loaded with top-of-the-line features specifically designed to meet your home living needs within budget. Affordable, functional and visually appealing, you will be satisfied with Sunrise Windows & Doors’ Vanguard Sliding door line.