What Energy Companies Don’t Want You to Know

What Energy Companies Don’t Want You to Know about Windows and Doors

Home Energy saving solutions

Money Savings

Energy companies in America make a killing, we all know this. But what dirty little secrets are they hiding behind their big, shiny, glass door corporate
offices? For starters, and contrary to national PR campaigns, they really don’t care about the environment. Their objective is to increase your energy consumption while fattening their wallets, building their pensions, and broadening their stock portfolios.  The quickest way to get the truth is to rely on subject matter experts, not notorious businessmen(women). When polled, window and door manufacturers unanimously confirmed that proper indoor
insulation drastically cuts back on energy consumption, heat output, and thus reduces costly energy spending producing wallet savings.


One of the biggest and often most overlooked benefits of high-quality windows and doors in your home is the money savings you’ll see.

Energy Efficiency

We all remember Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth documentary, right? Fast-forward 10 years later, and this hot button topic is still relevant. Energy efficiency matters. Think luxury vehicles, high-class blow dryers, and expensive refrigerators. These products are being shoved down our throat, often with key attributes that highlight how energy efficient they are. Trend? I think not.

While it may not be the latest buzz term, energy efficiency still matters. When you’re in the market for home upgrades, it is wise to consider a top of the line product that will not only be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but it should also conserve energy and efficiently encase your home. Our European counterparts were on to something when they created the mantra of only use what you need. America, synonymous with a consumerism wasteland, unfortunately tends not to err on the conservative side. Be one step ahead of your neighbors and family members, focus on energy efficiency and the long-term benefits will not just help yourself, but the greater good. Feel proud about the wise decision you’ll make by installing energy efficient windows and doors in your home.


Reduce Gas, Heat, and Electric Bills

 Ahh! The gritty, not so glamorous, but highly beneficial truth: energy efficient windows and doors reduce your gas, heat, and electric bills. How? You ask. Well, solid doors and quality windows trap heat inside, prevent unnecessary drafts, and guard your home from outside weather effects. You’re home instantly becomes warmer in cold winter months, reducing the need to blast your heat. Thus, cutting down your gas and heating bills. The sun is over 4.5 billion years old expelling roughly 2880 trillion light bulbs worth of energy, and better yet, it’s free! With strategic window placement, there’s no need to use artificial home lighting when you can fully take advantage of the abundance of natural light at your disposal. Viola! Light and electric bills cut in half.

Save the Planet – Go Green!

File:Gogreen.pngImagine a world with no water, extreme temperatures, no lush greenery, and little vegetation. At the rate we’re going, we might not need to imagine this for much longer because our consumption and wasteful habits are creating an unhealthy environment, atmosphere, and ecosystem. Earth was not intended for so many artificial, damaging, inhabitants. Science does not yet know the long term effects and potential risks our habits are creating. Why stick around and see? Properly insulating your home to reduce waste is one easy and careful step you can take to help deter irreversible damage to our planet.


Keep Warm During Winter Months

 Winters in the Midwest are harsh, cold, and unforgiving. Their unpredictable nature causes much inconvenience and creates a disruptive lifestyle for many months. Be prepared this year. By installing any of the top quality windows and doors from the Window & Door Superstore, you will be well suited to keep the cold out, and keep the warm inside. Our windows and doors provide exceptional protection from snow, wind, ice, and freezing temperatures. Coupled with an efficient home heating system, our windows and doors will maximize the benefits and results you see and feel.


Energy giants like Nicor and ComEd surely don’t want to advertise that proper home insulation can help create comfortable living temperatures on their own. Storm windows and doors are an excellent solution to maintaining a 70-degree home even when the polar vortex is upon us.


Winter Product Recommendations 

 For cold winter months, we recommend the following outstanding products: Larson storm doors, Provia storm doors, Pella storm doors, Waudena interior doors, Pella windows, Marvin Windows, and Sunrise Windows. By selecting any of these products, you will be achieving style, functionality, energy efficiency, temperature control, and longevity. Each of these window and door solutions will transform your home into an energy efficiency haven and add a modern design touch.

The Window & Door Superstore can help you throughout the entire process, from product selection, customization, installation, and repair – we never miss a beat. Our experts are professional, courteous, attentive, and highly knowledgeable and skilled. They are leaders in the home upgrading industry, specializing in solid windows and doors, and are ready to take on any job. Our showroom in Oak Forest showcases our many quality projects. Call today to set up an appointment or feel free to drop by, we love visitors and answering whatever questions you may have.


Windows are Important

Energy companies surely don’t want you to know the hidden secret of windows: they keep you warm, let natural light in, reduce your energy consumption, and lower your electricity usage. Setting up your home with proper windows is a vital step to safeguarding your home for winter months in Chicago. At times it takes a professional to uncover areas where energy efficiency is lacking. We want to make it our duty to equip you with accurate knowledge so you can make an educated decision and invest in a quality home system that works best for your home. 

Good Doors are Essential

The Window & Door Superstore specializes in top-of-the-line doors, providing a variety of brands and types to fit your home’s specific and unique style. We’ll let you in on one more little secret: installing a nice patio door curbs your need for expensive air-conditioning during warmer months. Our doors are versatile and of exceptional quality. Our doors master functionality and style. We can help you pick out any type of door that you need, from interior doors, to entryway doors, to patio doors, and storm doors, we’ve got you covered. We only provide our customers with the best. You can trust that you will not only experience a smooth process, but we also guarantee satisfaction and long-term quality. With our vast selection and professional expertise, there is a door for everyone.