Patio Doors

Patio doors are a hybrid product—part door and part window. We carry high quality patio doors of vinyl and wood-clad construction, with a wide variety of glass and coating options.

Patio doors are special because they provide not only an aesthetic addition to the exterior of your home, blending or accenting the design and feel of your current style, but they do the same for the inside as well.  That is why we offer such a diverse selection of patio doors with all styles, window types, weights, materials, and colors that can fit the design needs for your special interior/exterior combination.

Patio doors serve as a light source, and we provide options ranging from minimal additional light, to almost entirely glass pane doors allowing for a light source that can fill and brighten an entire room.  These are especially helpful in living room/kitchen combo rooms where the patio doors serve as a main light source, providing a well-lit uplifting environment for the family, and a center of activity in your home.

Like all of our other door products, we offer all sorts of materials which provide different weights, qualities, and textures.  Some of our doors offer a fire-resistant coating, and we offer the most advanced in modern door technology.  We offer all styles of door including sliding and hinged frame doors.

Our Pella Patio Doors feature removable blinds, shades and grilles between the glass.  Triple plane glass provides superior energy efficiency. These doors feature a flushbolt and a multipoint locking system that guarantees safety and convenience.

Our Wadena selection comes with top quality fiberglass materials offering a wooden finished look, or smooth metal-like finishes.  Fiberglass doors are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and offer better insulation than wood.

Our Marvin selection offers energy efficient sliding doors with maximum viewing with big window space providing a great light source.  Marvin also offers custom designs, which can fit the feel of any room and accent the unique style you have created.

Our Sunrise collection offers elegant sliding door options to provide great energy efficiency and security.  Thick tempered glass provides an extra security benefit that exceeds the modern standard at a great value.

These doors will add value to your home, and give your main rooms the view to the outside that be the centerpiece.

The right patio door for your home will depend on the interior and exterior finish you prefer. Our showroom features a number of patio door displays. You can feel for yourself the weight of the door, the ease of glide and the firmness upon closing. All of the patio doors we sell are energy efficient, and several are high efficiency doors.