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Door Service

Here at the Window and Door Superstore of Oak Forest, we have an experienced and friendly staff waiting to help make your life easier. Our seasoned technical specialists have the ability to complete several different types of door repair projects, such as door adjustments, part replacement, and exterior wood frame protection. You will have peace of mind knowing that your door locks better, seals tightly, and that all of the parts are performing optimally. Regular door maintenance can prevent serious problems that would require costly replacement and repairs. After you purchase your interior door, storm door, or exterior door, we are here to continuing supporting your needs with our exceptional door services.


Our door service team specializes in providing the below care:

  • Installation of replacement parts and hardware
  • Improving door seals
  • Fixing rollers so the door opens and closes properly
  • Aluminum coverage of weather-exposed wood


The service we provide is beneficial, complete, detailed and most importantly the labor is not sub-contracted. We are proud to be able to take care of all your needs ourselves.

Window  Service

In addition, we provide, we are experts in providing quality window repair and preventative services. It is important to maintain your windows, not only because they are an investment, but also because windows cut costs of electricity bills due to natural light usage, and they help to regulate the internal temperature of your home. For replacement parts, installation, or other expert services, please contact one of our skilled window technicians, they would be glad to assist you.

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