Pella Wood-Clad Windows

Pella Wood-Clad Windows

Pella Wood-Clad Windows offer many excellent windows. You can Always rely on their superior quality, style, and functionality, specializing in a unique between-the-glass window treatment. These treatments protect your Pella windows from unwanted dust and damage. The special snap-in technology feature will allow you to easily and quickly change out your window shades, blinds, or grilles without additional help or steps. Between-the-glass options also include these exclusive and exciting features:

  • Window fashions have a layer of glass panes on either side to guard against dust, damage, and other obstructions (such as pets, children, or objects)
  • No cords for child safety
  • Reduction of indoor allergens

Pella Wood Clad Window Wood Protection

Pella Wood-Clad Windows use EnduraGaurd Wood Protection, which requires very minimal exterior maintenance and guaranteed protection against exterior wood surfaces. The wood frames are strong due to the aluminum-clad exteriors protecting them. A protective finish with top-of-the-line ingredients provides long-term protection for your Pella windows. The benefits include:

  • Advanced protection from moisture and fading
  • Decay prevention
  • Safeguarding against stains
  • Reduction of mold and mildew
  • Deterring termite damage

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Pella Wood Clad Interior Window Finishes

Interior finishes for your Pella window are available in several different options. The wide variety of finishes that Pella windows offer will complement the unique style, furniture, and appliances in your home. With a variety of interior finishes available, matching both the interior and exterior of your home is simplified. A few of these options include:


  • The Pella wood collection – easy to match other wood types in your home such as Pine, Mahogany, Alder, or Douglas Fir.
  • Pine factory-prefinished stain colors – carefully stained by Pella, they will pair nicely with trim, floors, and cabinets for a professional looking finish. The stains are water based so they eliminate harmful and annoying odors.
  • Pine factory-prefinished paint colors – specially painted by Pella with popular styles in mind. This minimizes the time and cost associated with finishing the window yourself.

More Design Choices

Pella Wood-Clad Windows are modern and excel at providing a number of features, options, and more! There are several interior and exterior colors, as well a many different types of screens and wood. The ability to customize your Pella window provides a convenient and personalized experience. Snap-in between-the-glass technology is available for shades and blinds in many popular colors. Wood interiors can be painted or stained, based on your style. Pella windows are hassle-free since they arrive factory prefinished. Low-maintenance, aluminum-clad exteriors come in multiple colors and can be customized. Pella Wood-Clad Windows are a wise option for any home design project.

Low-Maintenance Exteriors