Overhead Door Installation in Oak Forest, IL

Overhead garage doors are the overwhelming preference of American homeowners when it comes to installing garage doors. Over the years, manufacturing companies have started offering more options when it comes to material, color, design, function and more.

Residential Garage Doors

Most overhead garage doors are designed as “sectional” or “tilt up.” Sectional doors consist of several panels that are connected and use a motor to lift and roll into the ceiling as you open the door. When the door is completely open, the panels will lay flat against the ceiling. Tilt-up doors are not made with panels, rather they are constructed as one fluid piece. This option is more popular for custom doors or garage door with intricate wood patterning that would be lost on panels. Today’s consumers typically choose between solid wood, aluminum or and steel, with aluminum being the most lightweight option.

Grey overhead garage door

How you use your garage will determine what type of door you choose. If the space is utilized as a workshop or play area, consider something that will provide a bit of insulation from the elements and possible keep loud noises in. One option is weather sealing. For something more aesthetic in nature, manufactures offer a variety of panel types – raised geometric patterns, rectangular designs, faux wood graining, etc. Glass window panes are also an option, although you can expect the overall price to increase, and they are not an ideal option if you’re looking for privacy. As far as installation goes, opt to have all overhead garage doors professionally installed. Any misalignment or accident involving something so large-scale can be a costly mistake.