Retractable Screen Door Installation in Oak Forest, IL

Retractable screen doors are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add beauty and function to your home. They typically work in conjunction with a backdoor or patio door as these are the main ports between your outdoor and indoor living space.

Retractable screen doors allow for airflow without letting in too many of the elements. They act as great insect barriers, and depending on the style of screen you choose, will provide some amount of solar protection as well. They are made with lightweight, ventilating screen fabric and most are pulled horizontally to open and retract; however, some designs are made to vertically and pulled up/down to open and close. Installing several vertical retractable screen doors can work great for backyard gazebos.

Retractable screen door covering a garage

The technology for this type of door has come a long way, and today’s manufacturers are able to produce small, low-friction cassettes that make the installation process easier and the door feeling like new, longer. Another major benefit of retractable screen doors as opposed to standard designs is that they are virtually invisible when not in use.

Most manufacturers design these products to be extremely flexible and versatile, able to fit most sizes and styles of existing doors in your home.