Cost for New Windows and Other FAQs

Do you give free estimates?

We do come out to measure before anything is finalized and ordered. We have found that coming into the showroom to see, touch, and operate the different products and option help understand our quality and details in our product and labor. Our showroom have complete finished and installed product to give you the best picture of the completed job.

Do you use subcontractors to do your labor?

No, we use our own employees to install your windows and doors. We can give a higher quality of labor when using dedicated window and door installers. Our installers have over ten years experience with our products. Since they are store employees you can be sure that they have insurance and worker comp.

Is there a price range for window and doors?

Not really, every design, brand, and option can vary the price greatly. The best way to see and understand the quality is to coming into the showroom to see finished installed products. With your rough sizes we can also get you’re a close price based on your brand, design, and options.

Do you finance?

We do finance. We find your best pricing is to pay with cash or check. However, we can offer 12 month no interest, the final price will cost more.

Do you repair windows and doors?

We can, depends on what the problem is and the brand of the product. Call us and describe or bring in a picture and we will try to solve your problem without replacing the entire unit.