Professional Window Installation in Oak Forest, IL

You can purchase the best window or door in the world but if it is not installed correctly, it is worth nothing. The Installation of your windows and doors is what sets Window and Door Superstore apart. We maintain a highly skilled and certified crew of installers whose main goal is to get the job done right, not fast. The skill, attention to detail, and clean up after will impress you.

Insert Window Installation

When doing an insert window installation, we remove the sashes of your old wood window and install a new insert window inside the frame of your old window. The Interior trim of your existing window is not changed. The exterior of your window is capped with color matching aluminum leaving no exposed wood which stops any further deterioration. Many vinyl window companies will only install windows this way.


  • The most cost effective way of replacing windows.
  • Do not have to remove any trim or woodwork on the interior.


  • You will lose 2-3 inches of viewing area, meaning the window frame will look thicker and the glass will be smaller.
  • Existing insulation will not be touched or altered, so if your window was not properly insulated before, it will not be properly insulated after.
  • You are limited on your color options, so it is difficult to get a woodgrain vinyl color that would match your existing window trim.


Full Frame Installation

When doing a full frame install, we remove the sashes, frame, and trim of your old window. We rip everything out and go back to the original rough opening of your home. We then will install the new window, spray foam insulate between the window frame and stud opening. This is the best possible, and proper way to insulate your window. We then caulk the exterior using a non shrink silicon color matched to your window. On the interior we finish off the inside with new jamb extensions and trim stained or painted to match your window color. When the trim is installed we make sure that we cover your old paint lines on the wall so there is no work for you once we leave.


  • The best way to replace windows.
  • Will have the maximum viewing space.
  • Best possible way to insulate window.
  • New trim on interior that matches window.
  • Virtually unlimited color options.


  • More expensive than an Insert window.

We pride ourselves in not only quality products that we sell, but also the quality of our installation.