Marvin Wood-Clad Windows

Marvin Wood-Clad Windows are best known for their originality, inspiring designs and excellent quality. Marvin Windows help lead the industry through new standards and innovation. Marvin windows are uniquely designed to have special locking mechanisms with a thin and strong thresholds.

Since Marvin windows are not mass-produced and are made to order, you can have confidence knowing that each Marvin window is one of a kind. Such care is a rarity. By reducing production quantities, Marvin windows are able to offer superb craftsmanship and energy efficient technologies fitting within any and all design budgets.

Like Pella, Marvin also uses an aluminum cladding on the exterior of their window. What sets Marvin apart is the quality of aluminum used. Pella uses a thin roll-form aluminum, while Marvin clads their windows with a heavy duty extruded aluminum that is 3x thicker than Pella’s. This means that it is very difficult to dent the Marvin exterior aluminum. Another great feature that Marvin offers is there Easy Clean Casement Window. Their casement windows are designed to where the sash can flip almost 360 degrees for easy cleaning from the inside of your house. Perfect for 2nd a 3rd floor rooms.

Woman opeining Marvin wood-clad window

To learn more about the Marvin Ultimate Series features, colors and design options, view their brochure (PDF) or visit our showroom today!

Recommended for:
The Marvin wood-clad window is recommended for a customer looking for a premium wood window that will enhance the look and feel of your home.

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