Pella Wood-Clad Windows

Pella Wood-Clad Windows offer many excellent windows. You can always rely on their premium quality, style, and functionality, specializing in a unique between-the-glass window treatment. These window treatments protect your Pella windows from unwanted dust and damage. The special snap-in technology feature will allow you to easily and quickly change out your window shades, blinds, or grilles without additional help or steps. Between-the-glass options also include these exclusive and exciting features:

  • Window fashions have a layer of glass panes on either side to guard against dust, damage, and other obstructions (such as pets, children, or objects)
  • No cords for child safety and look
  • Reduction of indoor allergens and outside noise

To learn more about the Pella Designers Series features, colors and design options, view their brochure or visit our showroom today!

White Pella wood-clad windows overlooking room with a gray couch and white chair

Recommended for:
Pella Wood Clad Windows are recommended for customers looking for the between the glass blinds or shades. No company compares to the quality, functionality, and style of Pella’s between the glass blind and shade system.

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